yna012bYuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd. the UK market leader for Automotive Aftermarket, Industrial and Motorcycle Batteries, has launched a pair of new automotive battery conductance analysers that support important tests as part of the overall battery management process.

The new MDX-617 and 617P with printer option are custom made analyser solutions that offer users the opportunity to increase revenues and enable significant cost savings. These innovative analysers have been developed for automotive service needs and can be used with multiple battery technologies including AGM, Gel, lead-acid and spiral.

Designed for use with Yuasa’s wide range of automotive batteries, the new analysers offer three test functions as standard. The Yuasa warranty test needs to be used whenever there is a requirement to test a battery under warranty. Managing vehicle battery warranty claims is complex. It is important to make a quick and accurate determination of claim responsibility and accountability. The MDX-617/P makes battery warranty testing easy and safe to perform on all battery technologies.

The Yuasa warranty test mode results in a specific warranty test code enabling users to reduce warranty claim related costs by efficiently determining accountability and responsibility. Furthermore, the MDX-617/P simplifies and improves warranty data management and communication capabilities.

Standard battery mode uses conductance testing to determine the ability of a battery to transmit current through its internal structure. Years of laboratory and field research have proven that conductance provides a reliable indication of a battery’s state of health and a correlation to its cranking ability. Recognised globally as the standard for determining battery condition, conductance testing can detect cell defects, short circuits and normal ageing.

New battery mode is a test that determines the health of unused batteries. For example, a battery that has been stored in a warehouse awaiting delivery to a customer can be tested quickly and accurately to determine its state-of-health and minimise returns.

Applications for the new MDX-617/P include automotive, motorcycle and truck with capability of testing 6V and 12V batteries in situ on 6V, 12V and 24V systems. Test ranges encompass EN/SAE (100 to 2000 by 5), DIN/IEC (100 to 1200 by 5) and JIS# by part number. Standard cable length is 1.22m with 3.05m also available.

Features include 5-line text/graphical backlit display, voltage range 1 to 30V DC and 24 languages. The MDX-617P version features integrated thermal printer that can be customised with workshop logo, localised contact information, date/time stamp and test results showing state of charge, state of health and rating. There is also a coupon mode for special customer information and messaging. Battery-powered and housed in acid-resistant ABS plastic, the new Yuasa MDX-617/P is fully capable of operating in harsh workshop environments. Operating temperature range is from 0 to 50°C.