YNI016Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd, has introduced a temperature and voltage monitoring system for use with the company’s industrial battery range. Ideal for use in applications where temperature control is critical, the new Yu-Power YPCBM1 offers continuous monitoring with hourly logging of temperature and voltage with non-volatile storage capacity for 7½ years rolling data storage.

The Yu-Power YPCBM1 is housed in a small (40 x 40 x 15mm) package with a self-adhesive pad for mounting. It can be connected to 12 or 24V batteries and features a pair of 300mm leads allowing for use with batteries that have terminal gaps up to 620mm maximum.

Data from the unit is accessible via a 2.5mm output socket (YPCBL1 lead available separately) and can be read in situ or the unit can be removed from site and read separately.

Software can be configured to specific requirements and encoded against corruption allowing export of data to graphic display, master documentation and further analysis.

The YPCBM1 battery temperature monitoring system features 2°C temperature allocation bands and features check sum fault protection. Data available from the logger includes maximum/minimum voltage and temperature over battery life, total commissioned age, battery serial number (set when unit commissioned), voltage at time of download and thermistor reading at time of download.

Specifications include precision band-gap voltage reference, extremely low standby current consumption of 0.02μA and extremely low voltage drop in normal charge and load states. Fault tolerance is 30V when used with a 12V battery and a serial 1-wire interface is used to download fault log and status.

The new YPCBM1 battery temperature monitoring system is supplied with bare leads to allow for site specific connectors. It is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial battery applications including uninterruptible power supplies where multiple batteries are on continuous float charge. Temperature can have a dramatic effect on life expectancy so, by analysing the data collected, customers can be advised of potential problems etc. The dataloggers can also be used for security and alarm panels where single 12V batteries are installed, again to estimate the life expectancy.