Yuasa adds new valve regulated lead-acid battery range for standby power applications

Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd has added a new range of valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries designed for use in standby power applications including telecommunications, datacentres and UPS.

The new FXH range features front terminal connections for rapid installation and ease of maintenance when used in standard equipment racks. Offering up to 12 year design life at 20°C, the new FXH range is available in eight nominal capacities covering 45, 90, 100, 140, 155, 185, 190 and 200Ah. Sizes range from 278 x 103 x 197mm and 15kg for the FXH45-12IFR battery up to 520 x 243 x 203 and 70kg for the FXH200-12IFR model.

Electrolyte suspension AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology ensures no free electrolyte for leak-proof operation and all models feature flame retardant ABS case material (UL94V0).

The front terminal design of the new FXH series makes it far easier for engineers to connect multiple batteries in power systems and also makes maintenance and replacement of batteries a straightforward operation. With both terminals at the front of a standby power system, engineers can simply slide out and replace a battery without having to reach over multiple cells and connect up top terminals IEC60896-2 compliant, the new FXH range of front terminal VRLA batteries offer high performance and long design life making them an excellent choice for all critical standby applications.