GS Yuasa to buy Panasonic’s lead-acid battery business

GS Yuasa International Ltd, a subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation, has entered into an agreement with Panasonic Corporation to transfer Panasonic’s lead-acid battery business to GS Yuasa.

This transfer is scheduled to occur through the acquisition of shares from Panasonic’s subsidiaries, and GS Yuasa are currently in the process of negotiating terms of the final agreement.

This deal is an important step for GS Yuasa and is key to implementing the company’s growth strategy of “ensuring the expansion of earnings from existing businesses and cultivating new businesses.”

By integrating the technological research and development expertise, production knowledge and quality control skills Panasonic and GS Yuasa’s lead-acid battery businesses both possess, GS Yuasa hopes to make an innovative change to its business structure, including:

1) Streamlining production by spreading combined knowledge through their global business network
2) Enhancing development speed in order to respond to the diversification of product development demands.

The battery manufacturer, also aims to expand its global market share in lead-acid battery business.

In the Japanese automotive lead-acid battery market the demand for value-added products such as VRLA batteries and ISS car batteries for eco-friendly cars is rising. Demand for these products continues to grow steadily across Asia, and in emerging countries, even more dramatic growth is expected.

In order to adopt these new technologies and to meet these demands, GS Yuasa will steadily implement its growth scenario by spreading the knowledge and expertise the acquisition will bring throughout its global networks.


Published 04 November 2015