GS Yuasa passes 2 million Watt-Hours of lithium-ion power in space

In December 2015, GS Yuasa Corporation announced that it now has over 2MWh (2,000,000 Watt-Hours) of lithium-ion energy storage in space, far more than any other battery manufacturer.

GS Yuasa space-qualified cells are installed on more than 110 different satellites orbiting the Earth. The cells are manufactured by GS Yuasa Technology Ltd and are predominantly used to support on-board systems.

The battery manufacturer has produced lithium-ion cells for use on spacecraft since the early 1990s, gaining unrivalled experience and performance data through numerous space programmes. This knowledge has allowed GS Yuasa to develop and validate an accurate life model for space lithium-ion cells which provides highly accurate performance and life predictions.

By the end of 2017 GS Yuasa expect to have well over 4MWh of lithium-ion energy on-board satellites in orbit around the Earth.

GS Yuasa’s performance in space

  • Industry leading 2.3 MWh of lithium-ion energy storage flown
  •  More than 110 orbital vehicles powered including human rated missions
  •  Design life of 15 years
  •  Demonstrated mission duration exceeding 10 years
  •  No in-orbit anomalies or failures.

In 2011 GS Yuasa launched its widely-used Generation III space-qualified cells, which have flown on manned and unmanned missions. Although Generation II cells have been available for 15 years and remain available today, Generation III cells are in high demand as they offer significant performance improvements with only minor chemistry modifications.

GS Yuasa works closely with customers to ensure mission success targets are met and optimum cell configurations are considered for each mission’s unique parameters. Customers who choose GS Yuasa lithium-ion cells for space applications enjoy the peace of mind achievable only through industry leading spaceflight heritage and GS Yuasa’s commitment to its clients.

GS Yuasa now has more than 2MWh of power in space. GS Yuasa Space Cells

GS Yuasa Space lithium-ion cells

Overview of GS Yuasa space lithium-ion cell technology

  • Very good energy density
  •  Low and stable internal resistance
  • Excellent capacity retention
  • Qualified for space applications
  • Wide ranging cell capacity from 42 Ah to 200 Ah