Yuasa puts on a performance at Data Centre World 2016

Yuasa put on a spectacular display at this year’s Data Centre World exhibition which was held at Excel, London on 12/13 April. The battery manufacturer’s presence included supplying standby power to a running Live Green Data Centre at the heart of the show and an impressive display stand featuring numerous product ranges.

Yuasa at Data Centre World 2016

A purpose built uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installation using Yuasa SWL Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (VRLA) batteries was used to supply reliable standby power to the efficient Live Green Data Centre, which was the first of its kind at any data centre event worldwide.

The system ensured that the innovative exhibit provided the show’s 12,000 attendees with a unique opportunity to get their hands on the latest data centre technology, even if the mains power had failed.

Yuasa at Data Centre World 2016

Yuasa also showcased a wide variety of its extensive VRLA and advanced Lithium-ion ranges during the exhibition, with a heavy focus on data centre and UPS applications.

The battery manufacturer’s striking new stand featured a data centre battery rack containing market leading FXH, SWL, EN and ENL ranges and also a Yuasa supported telecoms rectifier unit.

Furthermore Yuasa gave visitors a chance to see a state-of-the-art modular Lithium-ion system with control circuitry and also a selection of advanced Nano-Carbon SLE and SLR VRLA batteries used in a large scale renewable energy projects

As European market leader for standby battery systems, Yuasa batteries are used across the globe to provide reliable backup up power in a wide range of applications. In UPS and data centre projects the batteries are typically installed on an optimised racking unit designed by Yuasa engineers to meet the specific individual requirements of the system.

Yuasa at Data Centre World 2016

Mark Greer, General Sales Manager – Reserve and Renewable Power Division at Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd said: “We are delighted to have provided standby power for Data Centre World’s first ever operational data centre exhibit. Our presence in the live data centre, and our fantastic display stand at the exhibition, has allowed us to showcase our wide range of high quality batteries to data centre professionals from across Europe.

“We are delighted with the success of this year’s show. Over the two days we’ve welcomed a large number of visitors to our stand and demonstrated the characteristics of our high quality VRLA and Lithium-ion products.

Yuasa at Data Centre World 2016

“As the world’s leading battery manufacturer, and a key partner to many high-profile, successful data centre installations across the globe, our batteries feature the latest technology and provide proven dependable backup power. We work with our customers to provide the optimum standby solution for their individual project by assisting with all aspects of the build from planning through to construction.”


Yuasa at Data Centre World 2016