GS Yuasa is chosen to manufacture one of the world’s largest storage battery facilities

GS Yuasa, the world’s leading battery manufacturer, has been chosen as industrial manufacturer for one of the world’s largest storage battery facilities at an electricity substation in Japan. The company’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries will help to stabilise renewable wind generated power levels.

GS Yuasa will design and supply a high capacity lithium-ion system to meet the specialised needs of Chiyoda Corporation, who are working with North Hokkaido Wind Energy Transmission Corporation on the development of a transmission network for renewable power generation on the island of Hokkaido.

The large-scale project will use GS Yuasa lithium-ion batteries to contribute to the stabilisation of the power system, in turn achieving Chiyoda Corporation’s sustainable development goal of cleaner energy for all. The advanced storage battery system will stabilise output fluctuations, which is essential for the effective use of energy generated through wind and solar power.

The system has a large output of 240MW and a capacity of 720MWh. This means it could power a street of houses for 32 years or an LED-lit Christmas tree for over 2,000 years! It is also equivalent to the capacity of 45,000 electric vehicles.

The reliable, high-energy GS Yuasa lithium-ion batteries make the storage battery facility compact, long-lasting and able to achieve energy savings in air-conditioning by controlling the heat generated at charging and discharging.

Furthermore, the carefully-designed system, which has a module structure without cooling fans, enables a significant reduction in both failure rate and the number of replacement parts needed.

Installation work is set to begin at the Kita Toyotomi Substation in Japan, where North Hokkaido Wind Energy Transmission Corporation is building the transmission network. GS Yuasa will guarantee the reliability of the entire system by conducting round-the-clock voltage management and fault surveillance of all the cells; and in case a fault occurs, will utilise its national network to respond.

As world leaders in lithium-ion technology, GS Yuasa offer a wide range of adaptable energy storage solutions for all renewable and reserve power applications. GS Yuasa LIM battery products are ideally suited to energy storage and UPS applications, have maximum reliability system design, a built-in battery monitoring unit (ACS), and achieve an outstanding cycle life of up to 5,000 cycles at 100% discharge.

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