GS Yuasa look to the future as a new corporate slogan is decided

GS Yuasa has announced it is redefining its brand by establishing a new corporate slogan, “Creating the Future of Energy”. This slogan will be utilised in branding throughout the entire GS Yuasa Group worldwide.

The new slogan conveys the battery manufacturer’s commitment to continually create and present energy in new forms to meet the ever-changing needs of the times. Building on GS Yuasa’s long-maintained stance of exploring new forms of energy for the benefit of society, the slogan also expresses the company’s intentions for the future in a powerful way.

GS Yuasa Corporation was formed from two companies, Japan Storage Battery (established in 1917) and Yuasa Storage Battery (established in 1918). The manufacturer’s history of successive innovations is rooted in the corporate DNA inherited from these predecessors. Both were responsible for building the foundation of storage battery development and manufacturing in Japan. Over 100 years on, that DNA has now spread to 38 operating sites in 17 countries throughout the world.

Osamu Murao, GS Yuasa Corporation President, said: “The new “Creating the Future of Energy” slogan replaces our current “Next to You” slogan in order to express our vision for the coming 100 years, the value that we offer to the world, and so that all group employees will share the GS Yuasa brand values.

For over 100 years, GS Yuasa has developed batteries which meet the needs of the times, contributing to the development of society. We will continue to carry this DNA forward, listening carefully to the market and ascertaining the energy systems which will be needed in coming generations.

GS Yuasa will unceasingly take on the challenge of new technological innovation and contribute to society not just through “Mono Zukuri” (product creation) but also “Koto Zukuri” (service creation).

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