GS Yuasa selected for advanced aircraft system commercialisation project

GS Yuasa has been chosen to carry out research and development (R&D) work on lightweight storage batteries for aircraft. The commercialisation project aims to meet societal needs by developing highly safe, lightweight, and low-cost advanced aircraft systems.

The leading battery manufacturer was selected by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organizations (NEDO) to work on their R&D project for ‘Advanced Aircraft Systems toward Practical Application’. Covering eight R&D topics, GS Yuasa intend to hone existing electrical systems and refine them to a level where they can be utilised in next-generation aircraft.

Under the project, consideration is being given to the use of motors powered by storage batteries for electrical propulsion. GS Yuasa aims to create prototype models of advanced aircraft systems and will demonstrate, either on the ground or in the air, that they provide levels of performance and functionality that are superior to those of existing systems.

To be suitable for installation in next-generation aircraft, storage batteries will require high levels of energy density. GS Yuasa’s R&D work will pursue further development of fundamental technologies (electrodes, electrolyte, etc.), battery control systems, and module/pack structures with focus on achieving energy density levels of 1,000 Wh/kg (per cell) by 2030.

For the development of fundamental technologies, GS Yuasa will work in partnership with Kansai University. Sulfur is considered to have strong potential as cathode material on high-energy-density storage batteries, and Kansai University’s Professor Masashi Ishikawa – a leading authority in the field – is vigorously pursuing work on sulfur cathode material.

Collaboration with an outstanding research institution like Kansai University will be indispensable for achieving the aims of this R&D work and GS Yuasa will be working in close coordination with the university to tackle the challenges on the way to achieving those aims.

GS Yuasa batteries are used in a wide range of special applications, from the Shinkai deep sea submarine, to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and International Space Station. The leading battery manufacturer was also recently recognised with the prestigious 2018 Boeing Company “Supplier of the Year” award in the category of innovation.

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