GS Yuasa set to power epic 8,000-mile journey for Prostate Cancer UK

In an inspiring tribute to a friend and in support of Prostate Cancer UK, Neil Scrivens, backed by the unparalleled reliability of GS Yuasa, is set to embark on an ambitious 8,000-mile motorcycle journey from the very tip of Norway to the very south of Spain.

Commencing at the beginning of June, Neil will leave his home near Dover and travel to Tarifa at the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula, then turn around and head to Nordkapp, at the end of the northernmost public road in Europe, then finally return to Dover.

This incredible challenge is being completed to raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer UK. After losing a close friend last year, Neil’s aim is to break the stigma and encourage men to get checked; an important step to diagnose the disease early. The money raised will not only help Prostate Cancer UK support those who are suffering with prostate cancer, but also fund important research into new ways of diagnosing the disease early.

Set to be completed in just 20 days, the trip traverses diverse terrains and climates, showcasing not only his, but also Yuasa’s endurance and dedication to such a vitally important cause. Having relied on Yuasa batteries for over two decades, Neil knows the importance of a reliable and high-quality battery. He said:

“With my experience with Yuasa as a brand, and considering the trip that I’m now endeavouring to complete, there’s just no way I’d use any other brand.”

Neil has been riding for over 35 years and has exclusively used Yuasa motorcycle batteries for over two decades, having had bad experiences with unreliable batteries in the past. When asked why he switched, Neil said:

“I had a couple of very bad experiences while trying to take holidays away and I had a battery go bad on me. I spoke to some other bikers who said, look, just put a good quality Yuasa in there. And from that day, I’ve only bought Yuasa and it’s always worked.”

With unmatched performance, reliability and long life, Yuasa have always stayed true to their core offering of premium performance batteries for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Alongside giving Neil one of their GYZ® High Performance Maintenance Free AGM batteries, the Japanese battery manufacturer is also set to support his fundraising efforts for Prostate Cancer UK. Yuasa is donating £500 to the fundraiser in a nod to the 500A CCA rating of the GYZ32HL battery fitted as standard to Neil’s Harley Davidson Road King. On top of this, Yuasa has also given Neil a Yuasa YCX6 smart charger to help maintain the battery when both Neil and the bike take a well-deserved break after the trip.

Find out more about Neil’s epic adventure, as well as the trust he holds in Yuasa, by watching the video below.

You can join GS Yuasa in supporting Neil’s monumental journey and the fight against prostate cancer by donating here. You can follow his progress on GS Yuasa’s social channels @GSYuasaUK, as well as Neil’s Instagram page @roadkingantics.

Date published: 31 May 2024