Always Check The Battery

Why check batteries

Increase revenue and improve customer service at your workshop.

A vehicle’s battery is rarely checked by workshops unless a problem is reported, so its health is unknown to the driver or technician. There may be no obvious signs, but if it is heavily discharged or defective it will fail when the weather gets colder.

When a non-start situation occurs, it causes considerable distress for the driver. A replacement battery is likely to be purchased at the roadside or from the nearest retail supplier.

Most customers expect their workshop to check and maintain all elements of their vehicle. If the battery fails shortly after a service or repair work, customers may question the quality of the work carried out and the reliability of the workshop.

By checking the battery on all vehicles entering your workshop you can significantly improve the customer service you offer, enhance your reputation and prevent battery failure distress. You will also unlock significant potential year-round battery recharging and replacement revenue.


Test for success

Your workshop could benefit by testing every battery:

  • Increase profitability – Make more money from batteries
  • Drive customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty
  • Open significant new revenue opportunities
  • Expand business capabilities


Yearly Revenue Potential

What’s your workshop’s ‘Always Check The Battery’ annual revenue potential?

Charging (£10 recommended):


Battery Sales:


Battery Fitting (£20 recommended):


Total Potential Revenue: £0.00

Based on averages. Figures shown excluding VAT.


See the benefits for yourself

Get your Complete Workshops Battery Testing Kit from participating Yuasa distributors.

The kit includes a GS Yuasa battery Tester which has been developed and tested to provide an accurate assessment of general battery state of health.

Alongside the tester, there is a full guide book and POS material including posters and a counter top display to communicate the scheme to workshop customers. A stock of mirror hangers is also included. These should be used to communicate to customers that the test has been carried out when a battery passes the test.

Ask your local Yuasa distributor for details

Don’t let common concerns stop you

Although battery testing presents an opportunity to significantly increase revenue and customer service, garages can have concerns:

Our garage is busy so we don’t have time to test batteries.

Testing a battery takes less than a minute, and once worked into your everyday routine even less time. With Yuasa analysers, there is no need to disconnect the battery from the car.

Customers won’t like being told of extra expense.

By informing a customer their battery is in a poor state of health you are preventing future hassle. After all, most would rather be told whilst their vehicle is in your garage than find out when it fails to start on a cold morning.

Customers may not trust the results.

Yuasa is a well known and respected battery brand. Using our test equipment and mirror hangers will give your customers confidence in the test.

We do not carry enough battery stock.

With battery testing you will see a much higher turn around of batteries, so stock will spend less time sitting on the shelves. It is best to keep the most common battery types in stock and spot order other types from your local distributor.

“The battery is the oldest electrical component fitted to a vehicle, and due to a varying degree of complacency, our Industry has I believe, fallen behind in understanding its rapid recent development, and the lost opportunities in maintenance, diagnosis and repair”.

Frank Massey, ADS Automotive