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Yu-Power YPCBL2 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver


Yu-Power YPCBL2 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver

Yuasa’s easy-to-use battery monitoring solution consists of the Yu-Power YPCBM2 Battery Temperature Logger (supplied separately) and the Yu-Power YPCBL2 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver.

When used together these products monitor temperature and voltage, communicate wirelessly and determine if the system is operating within the recommended guidelines.

The Yu-Power YPCBL2 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver can be used on any compatible device with a USB port.

It wirelessly receives and downloads data in real-time from up to 1000 Yu-Power YPCBL2 Wireless Temperature & Voltage Data Loggers.

  • Receive data from up to 1000 YPCBM2 data loggers for multiple location monitoring
  • USB connection
  • Allows for one user per dongle
  • Unique activation code to securely pair devices

Product requires Yu-Power YPCBM2 Wireless Battery Temperature Loggers to operate. 

Software is supplied with the YPCD01 Yu-Power USB wireless receiver and this powerful analytical software allows for the download and extraction of all recorded data for reporting. It is designed by Yuasa engineers to accurately display key data from each registered battery temperature logger and provides full visibility of system performance status.

• Real-time accurate voltage & temperature data logging
• Customisable & easy-to-use data downloads
• No additional software required to program the data loggers
• Easy detection, set up & personalisation of up to 1000 data loggers
• Allows export of data to Excel, CSV & text files for full end user analytic capability
• Configurable logging time frequencies
• Produces temperature & voltage alerts & exportable graphs with pre-defined performance limits
• Future proofed web-based application 

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Static Datasheet location https://news.yuasa.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/web_-LIT064_YuPower_Wireless_Monitoring.pdf