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Yu-Power YPCBM2 Wireless Battery Temperature Logger


Yuasa’s easy-to-use battery monitoring solution consists of the Yu-Power YPCBM2 Battery Temperature Logger and the Yu-Power YPCD01 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver (supplied separately).

When used together these products monitor temperature and voltage, communicate wirelessly and determine if the system is operating within the recommended guidelines.

  • Simply connect the logger to continually monitor local temperature & voltage
  • Onboard memory automatically stores readings at a ten-minute resolution for the entire life of the battery system
  • Ultra-low power consumption <10µA which is less than the battery’s self-discharge rate
  • Has a discoverable unique serial number embedded, allowing for detection of each individual logger
  • Can be given a personalised device name within the Yu-power analytical software for easy identification of each data logger
  • Long wires with bare lead ends to allow easy fitment with any connector type

The YPCBM2 Battery Temperature Logger requires a 12 Volt DC power supply and can be connected to individual batteries within a rack or across a string of up to 120 Volts. By installing more loggers greater local temperature and voltage monitoring capability can be achieved. For example, with a logger installed on every battery within a system, each one’s individual status can be monitored.

A monitoring strategy is essential in ensuring that a UPS system will always fulfil its role. Long service life and reliable performance can be achieved by continually monitoring key parameters.

Product requires Yu-Power YPCBL2 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver to receive the logged data.

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Static Datasheet location https://news.yuasa.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/web_-LIT064_YuPower_Wireless_Monitoring.pdf