Choosing the right battery for your customer

Recommendation should not be based on specification or cost alone.

Different vehicles and customer driving styles place varying demands on the battery. It is important to determine the correct replacement required based on driving style and vehicle usage.

Standard ignition vehicles

When discussing battery replacement options, carefully question the customer regarding the frequency and length of their weekly journeys and also their annual milage.

Short infrequent driving habits mean the charging system does not have enough time to recover and fully charge the battery. This results in the battery becoming deeply discharged and permanently damaged.

In these cases, the best way to optimise performance and prolong service life is to install a higher specification battery. This will offset the potential damage caused by these driving habits, reducing the likelihood of premature failure and roadside breakdown.

Supplying low specification batteries without gaining information on driving style and vehicle usage will result in short battery service life and mean that replacement will be required more frequently.

Vehicles with advanced technology or Start-Stop

It is essential the battery on these vehicles is replaced with one of the correct specification. If a vehicle is fitted with an EFB Start-Stop battery, then the replacement must also be EFB Start-Stop. The same applies to AGM.

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