Workshop Application & Fitting System



The Yuasa Battery Fitment Guide enhances the battery offer to workshops and when used correctly, removes the possibility of the incorrect battery being used for the required application. It also provides fitment information to ensure that a complete battery solution can be offered by distributors.

buttonSystem Features

 Site Access

Access to the Yuasa Battery Fitment Guide can be gained using a bespoke Yuasa USB Smart Button or via

Country & Language Options

Battery searches can be carried out using one of eleven available country and sixteen available language options. Entered vehicle details are specific to vehicle parc of the country and language selected.


*Selection of ‘International’ menu option, removes the search by registration mark from the available search options.


User Registration

In order to enable access to vehicle specific OE battery replacement information the user must first register on the website and create an account with a unique password. Once this process is complete logging in to the site prior to carrying out a battery search allows access to the battery replacement information.



Once logged in clicking “START AGAIN” returns the user to the start screen.


Fitment Guide Use

Vehicle Search Options

There are 3 options available on the initial search screen for the user to establish the specification of the vehicle concerned:

  • Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM)
  • Vehicle Make/Model
  • Vehicle VIN/Chassis No.the-right

Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM)

Vehicle registration data is displayed in the language appropriate to the specific country selected in the country option menu and is also displayed in the registration format for that country.


Vehicle Make/Model

Vehicle make/model data is used to narrow the search until the correct battery fitment option(s) can be identified: The vehicle data requested includes:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model/range
  • Fuel type
  • Model year
  • Engine size



NOTE: Dependent on the accuracy of the initial search criteria further filtering data may be required to identify the correct battery fitment.


Vehicle VIN/Chassis No.

VIN data is displayed in the language appropriate to the specific country selected in the country option menu.



Search Results & Fitment Options

Once the search is complete the correct battery fitment is displayed. If more than one specification option is available (maximum 3) for the correct fitment the minimum required specification battery for the vehicle is displayed on the left of the page with higher specification options to the right. This information can then be printed and presented to the customer to make a selection from the available options.



To view further battery specification details of the battery option selected by the customer click the “Show details” link at the bottom of each option.

Battery Details, Additional Vehicle Information & Fitting Information

The battery specification details display:

  • Ah capacity (20hr)
  • Starting power – CCA (EN)
  • Estimated fitting time
  • LWH Dimensions (mm)
  • Battery location

This information is also printable giving the customer an indication of the labour time and cost for fitting the battery to the vehicle.

To view additional vehicle specification information click the “View additional vehicle information” link below the information already visible.

To access the OE battery fitting information (for registered and logged in users) click the “View fitting information” link.

NOTE if you are not registered or have not logged in at the start of the search session this option is not available and is indicated by the presence of the “Log in to access fitting info” link.




Fitting Information

The battery fitting information is supplied by the OE vehicle manufacturer from the workshop manual procedures used at main dealer. It lists the procedures that must be carried out prior to battery removal, after battery installation, the location of the EOBD connector and any special equipment required for the procedure. Fitting information can be printed using the print option at the top of the page.

Fitment Feedback

If during the replacement procedure fitting issues caused by an incorrectly specified battery are encountered, for example the battery does not fit or the battery cannot be properly secured etc. a fitment feedback form should be forwarded to Yuasa explaining the issue and the reasons for the fitment failure. The FITMENT FEEDBACK link can be found at the top of the page.


Additional Features

Links for additional features can be found at the bottom of every page displayed on the fitment guide.

The additional features include:

  • YU-FIT software download
  • YU-FIT application list download
  • Order an extra Yuasa USB Smart Button(s)


YU-FIT Overviewyu-fit

Until recently battery configuration procedures could only be carried out by main dealer diagnostic tools at considerable expense to the customer.

The Yuasa YU-FIT allows battery configuration and active energy management system reset without the need for main dealer diagnostic tools.

Configuration application data is downloaded from the internet using a dedicated Yuasa YU-FIT PC suite and stored in the YU-FIT. The YU-FIT is then connected to the vehicle via the EOBD diagnostic link and configured to the vehicle using a guided process.

YU-FIT Software Download Link

The YU-FIT software download link downloads the latest version of the Yuasa YU-FIT PC suite which is required to give user access to YU-FIT updates ensuring that the most up to date vehicle parc data and application software is installed in the YU-FIT.





download-yufitYU-FIT Application List Download


The YU-FIT application list download link is gives access, in PDF format, to the latest vehicle parc coverage data that is installed in the YU-FIT if the YU-FIT software is up to date.



NOTE if you are not registered or have not logged in at the start of the search session this option is not available.

order-smart-buttonOrder Extra Yuasa USB Smart Button(s)

The Yuasa Smart Button order link access the user to order extra Smart Buttons on completion of an on-line order form.