The YBX Active Marine Dual EFB range

The Yuasa YBX Active Marine Dual EFB battery range has been specifically developed to perform the function of both traditional deep cycle and starter batteries. Not only do they provide reliable starting power for your boat’s engine, their unique design means they can also be used for your boat’s auxiliary power requirements. Allowing you to do more of the things you love.

As modern vessels become ever more complex, their electrical demand increases. Our range of Dual EFB batteries utilise the very latest in battery technology to provide greater endurance, more available cycles and faster charging.

As with all batteries in the YBX Active Marine range, our Dual EFB batteries have been designed to handle the rigours of wave pounding and trailer transport, deliver reliable starting power and incorporate advanced design and safety features.

Whether you’re a seasonal seagoer or a seasoned captain – there’s a Yuasa Active Marine Dual EFB battery for you. To find out more, click ‘browse our YBX Active Marine range’ below.