The YU-Lite Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Range

Designed for use in emergency lighting, wireless security, fire and other industrial applications, the YU-Lite NiMH range has been specially engineered for applications where long life and dependability are critical.

Key features and benefits include:

    • Rechargeable with excellent cyclic performance
    • Long service life of up to 4 years in emergency lighting applications
    • Single cells & multiple pack configurations available for design flexibility
    • Fully customisable – any style, connection type & voltage available upon request
    • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified
    • High temperature versions tested to ICEL 1010
  • Foamed Nickel technology & 3D mesh structure allows higher capacity in smaller can size
  • Maintenance free
  • Higher energy density & up to double the capacity*
  • Environmentally friendly – no heavy metals*
  • All popular plugs, leads & tag connections available
  • All standard voltage configurations available
  • For industrial applications, e.g. emergency lighting

*When compared to equivalent NiCD product

YU-Lite NiMH high temp & standard cells are available in most can sizes. Popular sizes include the D, 4Ah QQ cell (18670), SC, AA & A.

Popular YU-Lite NiMH Configurations

Style 4 (stick). Note: For packs with leads add 4mm to length.

Cell Qty Voltage Capacity (Ah) Dimensions (L x D) mm Faston Tags & Leads Leads & Amp Plug Tags Faston Tags
2 2.4 4 144 x 19 2QQHM4-0LFT 2QQHM4-0LA4 2QQHM4-0T4 2QQHM4-0F4/LS
3 3.6 4 216 x 19 3QQHM4-0LFT 3QQHM4-0LA4 3QQHM4-0T4 3QQHM4-0F4/LS


For a full list of configuration options, including can size and connector type, click the link below.