How to make your motorcycle or scooter battery last longer

Yuasa motorcycle batteries are built to last longer and deliver more power. If looked after correctly, your motorcycle battery should give you many years of reliable service. However, there are a few simple things you can do to in order to make sure this is as long as possible.

Always take care and follow the correct health and safety guidelines to protect yourself from serious injuries from fire, explosions or leaking acid.


Use the correct battery

It might sound obvious, but it’s important to check that your battery is the correct voltage, specification and technology. Using the wrong battery will result in a reduced service life and often premature failure.

Finding the right battery is as simple as using our battery lookup tool here. For some models, an upgrade is available to provide higher performance and extended service life. To find out if this is an option available to you, simply enter your registration number in the tool. You can of course also speak to your local workshop or motorcycle battery retailer for advice.


Maintain a high level of charge

Maintaining a high level of charge helps prevent internal damage such as sulphation, a common cause of premature battery failure. Providing your bike’s electrical systems are in good working order, this is as easy to do as making sure you’re regularly using your bike for journeys of at least five to six miles of continuous riding. However, if you take long breaks from riding, or make short, infrequent journeys, your battery may not be fully charged. For these circumstances, you’ll need to utilise a smart charger and maintainer when your bike’s not in use.

The Yuasa YCX range of smart chargers and maintainers will safely monitor and maintain a motorcycle battery, whether on or off the bike. By using one during extended periods of storage, you can keep the battery at an optimum voltage and ensure security systems and ECU memories remain active.

When charging a YuMicron or Conventional motorcycle battery, always open the vent caps and check that the vent tube is not obstructed in any way. This will make sure no flammable and potentially explosive gases build up during charging. Always check your charger’s instructions to make sure it has a maintenance mode and is safe for unattended charging.


Keep to a maintenance schedule

Keeping to a proper maintenance schedule will extend the service life of your motorcycle battery. Although this can differ depending on battery model, a typical schedule is to:

  1. Disconnect the battery from your bike, negative terminal first
  2. Place the battery on a clean, even surface in a well-ventilated location
  3. Check the terminals for corrosion. If any is present clean with a wire brush
  4. Remove lid plugs and top up with distilled water to the level indicated on the battery (non Maintenance Free types only)
  5. Replace the lid plugs securely


One thing that is important to mention is that a battery is a consumable item. It will naturally deteriorate and lose performance over time until it eventually fails. No matter how well you look after a battery, it will not last forever.

With proper care and maintenance, your Yuasa motorcycle battery can provide years of reliable power for your rides. Remember to utilise our battery lookup tool, take advantage of our Yuasa YCX range of smart chargers, and adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. For more tips and resources on battery care click here.