Waste Battery Take Back Policy

Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009

Take Back Policy 2016

GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd. (GYSUK) is fully committed to fulfil its obligations as a “Producer” of Industrial, Automotive and Motorcycle batteries as described in the Directive 2006/66/EC and the Waste Batteries and Accumulator Regulations 2009. The company is registered as a “Producer” on the NPWD database; registration number BPRN00774.

To ensure product is recycled at the end of life, GYSUK works closely with its recycling partner Ecobat to ensure that waste Automotive, Industrial batteries are collected from its customer account locations and recycled at the end of life.

As a wholesale Industrial, Automotive and Motorcycle battery distribution company, GYSUK has during this compliance period and over the last three years placed the following chemistry types of batteries on to the UK markets.


  • Valve Regulated Lead (pb) Acid batteries (VRLA)
  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) cylindrical batteries (typically used in emergency lighting products)


  • Lead (pb) Acid batteries


  • Lead (pb) Acid batteries

Waste Battery Take Back Arrangements

Industrial and Automotive Batteries

 As a “Producer,” GYSUK will offer to take back waste batteries from end users within a reasonable time within the compliance period subject to:

  • The end user being supplied by the producer with new industrial batteries during the compliance period
  • The end user not being able to return for any reason, waste industrial batteries to the original producer
  • That the waste product is of the same chemistry as the new industrial batteries that the producer placed on the market for the first time in the UK in the compliance period or any of the preceding 3 years.

Nothing in the regulations prevents a producer of Industrial, Automotive and Motorcycle batteries from concluding an agreement under which the parties to the agreement make arrangements to finance the net costs of the collection, treatment and recycling of waste products which may differ from the arrangements provided for under the regulations.

As per the regulations, under clauses 35 and 36 sub section 3, GYSUK will annually review the policy on or before the 1st December preceding the compliance period. A copy of the policy will then be published on its web site.

Through its partnership with Ecobat, GYSUK will offer to supply to account holders a “Waste” Battery bin or bins (chemistry or type dependant). When the bins are full these customers will contact G&P to arrange free collection. Note. Industrial, Automotive and Motorcycle batteries or different chemistries should not be mixed in the same bin.

If you have a GYSUK account and require to be supplied with a waste battery bin then contact your account manager or alternatively email enquiries@yuasa-sales.co.uk stating subject: Waste Battery Collection giving details of your company name and address, contact name and contact telephone number.

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