Silver Calcium Batteries for Ford Vehicles

Information regarding the use of Silver Calcium Batteries

Ford introduced silver calcium batteries worldwide for their vehicles in 1997 together with a smart charging system. They told their dealers that these batteries must be replaced only with other silver-calcium batteries as the life of normal lead antimony batteries would be drastically reduced if these were used for replacement. This of course, implies that Yuasa batteries must not be used.

  • Yuasa calcium and calcium/calcium batteries can be 
used on all Ford vehicles giving a life that is at least as 
good as recommended Ford replacement batteries in the UK market.
  • Yuasa automotive batteries are equally suitable for Ford vehicles made before 1997.
  • Calcium and Calcium/Calcium batteries are used by all major vehicle manufacturers as they are maintenance free under normal operating conditions. In addition within the UK, no extremes of climatic temperature are experienced and water loss is not an issue for any Yuasa battery. Yuasa has had many years of supplying these batteries to the aftermarket since the introduction of Ford silver calcium batteries back in 1997.
  • Grids are still made of Lead. Typically less than 0.1% of calcium is needed to give strength (note calcium is added to the grid alloy in both calcium and hybrid batteries). Some customers think that calcium batteries are completely different to lead acid batteries, but they just represent another generation of the lead acid battery.

Ford gave the following reasons for using only silver calcium batteries in their recent cars, but Yuasa automotive batteries with their modern technology more than meet the specification.

  • Charge Voltage tolerance increased from 14.4V to 14.8V
  • Yuasa calcium and calcium/calcium offer the same tolerance to this increase in charging voltage within the UK market
  • Cold cranking power increased by approximately 10%
  • Yuasa batteries generally give better starting performance than the batteries fitted by the vehicle manufacturers

Average battery life has increased to about 6 years in the UK Market due to a combination of battery technology and improved car electrical systems.

In summary, you can fit a Yuasa battery to any Ford car (i.e. recommended catalogue model fitment) with the complete assurance that it will give first time starting and trouble free motoring.

This bulletin should help you to reply to customers who are concerned about using a Yuasa battery to replace a Ford silver-calcium battery.

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