Cyclic VRLA Performance and Service Life

Yuasa Cyclic Range of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries used in golf caddy applications are not designed to support a specific number of holes played during a round of golf. The guarantee of the product is solely based on the product premature failing due to a manufacturing or materials defect only. Yuasa do not manufacture an 18, 24, or 36-hole golf battery.

The design life of our cyclic range of VRLA product is primarily dependent on the number of cycles of charge and discharge and the depth of discharge the battery is subjected to. To achieve maximum service life it is important that the battery is subjected to the correct charging regime following a discharge cycle.

The performance of Yuasa product is rated in Ampere hours, which is the industry standard. This range is commonly known as “Capacity”. The capacity of Yuasa cyclic batteries are rated at the 20 hour rate. This means that a 24Ah battery for example can supply to an application a current of 1.2 amperes per hour for 20 hours.

Should the battery be used to support an application continuously at this rate for 20 hours then battery would have gone through 100% depth of discharge. If this battery was used repeatedly to support this application then it could do so for approximately 250 cycles of charge discharge.

Should a Yuasa Cyclic battery be used to power an electric golf cart then the same principle applies. However, in this application the battery is asked to supply a greater amount of energy over a shorter period. Yuasa are not able to determine the actual amount of energy that is physically, taken out of a battery during an average game of golf due to the varying terrains of golf courses and differing design specifications of electric golf carts. Therefore, at the end of an average game the battery could be 100% discharged, 70% discharged, 50% discharged at the end of a game resulting in the life of the battery to vary by definition.

Should a Yuasa battery be used in a golf application then to maximise service life and performance we would recommend that the correct Ampere hour rated VRLA battery is chosen from our range of cyclic products and that the battery is always subjected to the correct charge regime after use.