Modern-day commercial vehicles are no longer simple machines, but complex instruments that have hundreds of components talking to one another. These greater power demands put more pressure on the battery. Yuasa understand that to remain cost efficient, the road to business success is to minimise fleet downtime, whilst maintaining high levels of service and productivity.

In many cases, batteries don’t just provide starting power, but also cyclic performance. This cyclic ability powers all electrical items from on-board toilets and TVs to washing facilities and fridges whilst the engine is switched off. For all commercial vehicle applications, premium performance, reliability and durability is crucial.

Yuasa YBX batteries are the perfect choice and specially engineered for all applications.

All Yuasa batteries are manufactured to Original Equipment (OE) specification, which is why all the world’s top vehicle marques fit Yuasa as standard.

Yuasa’s YBX Super Heavy Duty range for commercial vehicles has been developed to meet the needs of leading manufacturing partners, and for a variety of markets, including:

  • HGV & truck batteries
  • Bus batteries
  • Coach batteries
  • Agricultural batteries
  • Construction batteries
  • Municipal vehicle batteries
  • Fire engine batteries


HGV and truck batteries

Minimising downtime is paramount for your business. At Yuasa, we know reliability, durability and quality are key for all aspects of operations. And your battery selection should be no different.

A lot of factors come into play when choosing the right battery, including whether the HGV has a sleeper cab, the truck has a tail lift, whether the vehicle is used for long or short haul journeys or if it has any additional electrical accessories. Other considerations include the vibration resistance required and if the vehicle has a battery fitted in an end of chassis location.


For heavy goods vehicles used for long haul journeys with frequent overnight usage, Yuasa recommend the YBX7000EFB range.

A suitable range for trucks with a tail lift used for multi-drop, short haul journeys is the YBX5000 range.

Popular battery types are YBX5625, YBX5629 and YBX5623.

Typical power demands:

  • Safety equipment
  • Lighting systems
  • TV, satellite & media applications
  • Air conditioning
  • Fridges & wash facilities


Bus batteries

It’s crucial that your bus service remains reliable and punctual. With frequent stopping and multiple pick up journeys every day, you need to make sure you have a battery that can cope with the strain and cyclic demands. As soon as your bus hits the workshop, that’s one less bus in the fleet and income out of your pocket. We understand that to ensure your buses remain on the road, you need a battery that provides the highest quality and reliability.

The YBX7000EFB range provides exceptional power for Public Service Vehicles (PSV) with urban, multi-stop journeys.


Most popular battery types include YBX7625, YBX7629, YBX5627, YBX3663, YBX3664.


Typical power demands:

  • GPS systems
  • Safety equipment
  • Media applications
  • Lighting systems
  • Bus tilt systems
  • ‘Stop’ communication system


Coach batteries

Your coach is the heart of your business and the battery is the heart of your coach. The unrivalled quality and performance offered by our YBX Super Heavy Duty batteries are perfect to guarantee that your passengers get to their destination on time. Crucially, it should also avoid fleet downtime and maximise commercial productivity, particularly when punctuality is key.

Our highly reliable YBX3000 range provides the minimum power requirement for coaches used for long haul journeys.

Most popular battery types include YBX5625, YBX5627, YBX5629, YBX3663, YBX3664, YBX1615.

Typical power demands:

  • Toilets and washrooms
  • Fridges
  • GPS systems
  • Media applications
  • Safety equipment
  • Air conditioning


Agricultural batteries

Our agricultural batteries feature first-rate starting performance, enhanced safety features and the essential reserves to power in-cab equipment such as air conditioning and SAT navigation systems. Your vehicle also needs to be ready to use after long seasonal periods of disuse.

The YBX1000 range provides the starting power needed for small tractors with varied, daily use. For combine harvesters with seasonal usage, we recommend the YBX3000 range.




Construction batteries

Construction and working vehicles deserve only the best. Due to one of the harshest vehicle operating conditions, it is essential that these vehicles have a battery that is has maximum starting power and the highest vibration resistance.

Our YBX5000 range extremely high vibration resistance and is ultra-reliable, start after start. The Super Heavy Duty range will avoid costly periods of idleness and make sure that your business will continue to develop the future.


Typical power demands:

  • Air conditioning
  • GPS systems
  • Crane systems


Municipal vehicle batteries

Public sector vehicles such as bin refuse lorries, road sweepers and gritters are vital to keep our country functioning smoothly. Without these on the roads, life would be much different. They need to be cost efficient and highly reliable to continue to operate day in, day out.

The minimum recommendation for a refuse collection vehicle with continuous usage is the YBX3000 range.




Fire engine batteries

It’s a vital role to run a fleet of fire engines. They need to be ready to go at any time of the day, all year round. This is a vehicle you need to rely on to start first time every time. Our YBX7000EFB range offers the highest specification and cyclic abilities whilst also providing a reliable power source to consistently supply radio systems, as well as charge auxiliary units when required.