To remain cost efficient, companies need fleet downtime to be kept to a minimum, whilst productivity needs to be increased. What’s more, newer vehicles are putting greater demands on the battery and EU targets have been set to reduce emissions further.

For all commercial vehicle applications, premium performance, reliability and durability is crucial.

Developed to meet the needs of truck drivers & fleet managers

Yuasa understand that truck drivers increasingly use the hotel functions in their vehicles plus require batteries with more cyclical performance. They also need reliable power for numerous items of onboard equipment.

Increasing battery demands have therefore seen a trend towards premium products and a shift in battery technology. In many cases, batteries don’t just provide starting power, but also cyclic performance. This cyclic ability of the battery powers all electrical items such as shower units, fridges and microwaves whilst the engine is switched off.

Yuasa’s super heavy duty range for commercial vehicles has been developed to meet the needs of leading manufacturing partners, and for a variety of markets, including:

  • HGV & trucks
  • Specialist utility
  • Agricultural
  • Passenger service vehicles (PSV)
  • Construction & heavy plant equipment

Unsure which of our super heavy duty battery ranges is suitable for your HGV fleet, coach, or tractor? The Yuasa buying guide below provides an overview of the varying performance demands required from all commercial vehicle applications.

*The tables below are intended as a guide only. The specified ranges for each vehicle type are our minimum recommendations. An upgrade may therefore be available within Yuasa’s super heavy duty range.

HGV & truck

Battery selection depends on various factors, including whether the HGV has a sleeper cab, the truck has a tail lift, and whether the vehicle is used for long or short haul journeys. Other considerations include the vibration resistance required and if the vehicle has a battery fitted in an end of chassis location.

For heavy goods vehicles used for long haul journeys with frequent hotel usage, Yuasa recommend the YBX7000EFB range. A suitable range for trucks with a tail lift used for multi-drop, short haul journeys is the YBX5000 range.


Specialist utility

Specialist utility vehicles employ numerous on-board and potentially lifesaving items of electrical equipment. Therefore, when the application is as vital as an ambulance, for example, the vehicle needs to be readily on standby.

Whether operating a fire engine, a refuse collection vehicle or a gritter truck, an organisation’s response rate hinges largely on the commercial vehicle battery. That’s why Yuasa’s new super heavy duty battery range provides a reliable power source and will consistently supply radio systems, as well as charge auxiliary units when required.

The batteries offer proven, dependable power and are trusted by leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. Yuasa’s commercial vehicle battery ranges will deliver extra energy for hoses, winches, two-way radios and other essential equipment.


The ideal choice for highly equipped fire engines with varied, daily use is the YBX7000 range, whilst the minimum recommendation for a refuse collection vehicle with continuous usage is the YBX3000 range.


Yuasa’s super heavy duty ranges are also suitable for agricultural vehicles. They feature first-rate starting performance, enhanced safety features and the essential reserves to power in-cab equipment such as air conditioning and SAT navigation systems. All batteries can withstand tough terrain, prolonged daily use and their reliability helps successfully avoid fleet downtime.


The YBX1000 range provides the starting power needed for small tractors with varied, daily use. For combine harvesters with seasonal usage, Yuasa recommend the YBX3000 range.


Passenger service vehicles (PSV)

Like HGVs, intercity coaches are often on the road for days at a time and must power wide-ranging on-board equipment such as toilets, communication devices and air conditioning. Conversely, commuter buses require a battery suited to shorter Start-Stop, multi pick-up and drop-off journeys. For both applications, though, the selected commercial vehicle battery should withstand extreme discharge and recharge regimes. Crucially, it should also avoid fleet downtime and maximise commercial productivity, particularly when punctuality is key.

The unrivalled quality and performance offered by Yuasa’s YBX super heavy duty batteries attracts top manufacturers as well as customers such as large vehicle part retailers and international fleets.


Yuasa’s highly reliable YBX3000 range provides the minimum power requirement for coaches used for long haul journeys, as well as minibuses with varied usage.

The YBX7000 range provides exceptional power for public buses with urban, multi-stop journeys.

Construction & heavy plant equipment

Construction and heavy plant equipment vehicles include cranes, loaders, bulldozers and excavators. They must work highly efficiently and in the most challenging of environments. What’s more, such tough operating conditions often demand more from the battery.

Vehicles in this market need a battery with maximum starting power combined with extreme vibration resistance and spill proof design. Specially designed and constructed for the rigours of this application, Yuasa’s YBX5000 range features 8 times V4 vibration resistance and is ultra-reliable, start after start. The super heavy duty range will avoid costly periods of disuse and will keep your business forging ahead.


A suitable battery from the YBX5000 range could power a crane with lengthy, daily use, as well as a bulldozer used in extreme terrain environments.

Our new YBX super heavy duty range is of Original Equipment (OE) quality, performance and specification and can sustain constant current loads over extended periods, to run on-board accessories for longer!

View the full range here: Yuasa YBX super heavy duty range

Label icons explained

Applicable to working out hotel load frequency requirements, cycles are the number of times the battery can be discharged then fully recharged. The higher the cyclic life, the more work the battery can do during its life.

XVR extreme vibration resistance

Batteries with XVR have 8 times V4 vibration resistance. Their advanced plate design and stronger intercell welds mean they are the most robust YBX batteries.

End of chassis location
The battery is built to withstand the extra vibration demands caused by end of chassis location. Failure to use a recommended battery will result in damage and premature failure.

Mixing device

The built-in mixing device constantly mixes the battery electrolyte to prevent plate damage caused by stratification and significantly extends battery service life.