To remain cost efficient, companies need fleet downtime to be kept to a minimum, whilst productivity needs to be increased.

The following information will help you  select the correct battery to suit your needs.





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Label icons explained

Applicable to working out hotel load frequency requirements, cycles are the number of times the battery can be discharged then fully recharged. The higher the cyclic life, the more work the battery can do during its life.

XVR extreme vibration resistance

Batteries with XVR have 8 times V4 vibration resistance. Their advanced plate design and stronger intercell welds mean they are the most robust YBX batteries.

End of chassis location
The battery is built to withstand the extra vibration demands caused by end of chassis location. Failure to use a recommended battery will result in damage and premature failure.

Mixing device

The built-in mixing device constantly mixes the battery electrolyte to prevent plate damage caused by stratification and significantly extends battery service life.