When your reputation is on the line, it’s vital to choose and fit products you can trust.

Yuasa are renowned for their premium quality batteries, proven to deliver dependable performance and long service life, meaning ultimate peace of mind knowing your systems are safeguarded around the clock. With Japanese precision engineering embedded in each battery, we stand as the #1 choice in Europe for a reason.

Our premium Yuasa and YU-Lite brands are designed specifically for critical installations and renowned for their extended lifespan and ultimate dependability. They’re chosen by thousands of professional fire and security installers every day. Yuasa batteries support critical systems in diverse settings—from banks and hospitals to warehouses, supermarkets, and even the International Space Station!

Yuasa NP, NPL and RE batteries – the original and best

The Yuasa NP series is the original and most reliable of their kind. Often copied but never equalled, their advanced design and low maintenance operation mean they’ve been the go-to choice for fire and security applications for over half a century. Featuring 43 batteries, the Yuasa NP, NPL and RE battery ranges can be trusted to deliver high performance and reliability in both standby and cyclic applications.

Enhanced levels of safety

Choosing a battery that prioritises safety is fundamental for systems designed to keep your customers safe. Yuasa’s range of NP, NPL and RE batteries stand out as some of the safest VRLA options available as a result of their low-pressure venting system, combined with high recombination efficiency.

The unique construction and sealing techniques of every NP, NPL and RE battery eliminate the risk of electrolyte leakage from terminals or cases, ensuring safe and effective operation in any orientation.

Optimum performance

All Yuasa NP, NPL and RE battery types feature heavy duty lead calcium alloy grids to provide an extra margin of performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications – even in conditions of deep discharge. Cheaper or lower quality batteries often reduce the amount of lead contained within their batteries to reduce production costs, affecting their performance and service life in the long term.

The NP, NPL and RE FR ranges have a flame retardant casing with a UL 94 V-0 rating, ensuring your installations will always be compliant with the Low Voltage Directive.

YU-Lite – small batteries for big responsibilities

The YU-Lite range has been specially engineered for emergency lighting, wireless security, fire and other industrial applications. Including NiCd, NiMH and lithium options, all YU-Lite batteries ensure optimal power supply, enhancing the longevity of your systems.

YU-Lite NiCd and NiMH batteries are rechargeable and developed to deliver excellent cyclic performance in industrial applications. With foamed Nickel technology and a 3D mesh structure, they offer higher capacity in smaller can sizes. Maintenance-free, these batteries provide up to four years of service life in emergency lighting applications. Single cells and multiple pack configurations are available for greater design flexibility, with any style, connection type and voltage available upon request.

YU-Lite Lithium batteries, including the popular CR2 and CR123A types, are of professional specification for both industrial and consumer applications—offering higher energy density and significantly longer operational life than competing brands. The YU-Lite Alarm System range, including NiMH and lithium chemistries, is designed for use in popular security systems by brands like Hikvision® and Pyronix®.