Don’t let winter stop you – get ready for the cold weather with your free Yuasa Battery Check.

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Cold temperatures directly affect the performance of car batteries, in fact at 0°C a battery will lose about 30% of its cranking performance. If your car will not start it’s usually because there is an issue with your battery.

Did you know? Over 200,000 batteries are replaced by the AA and RAC every year, and battery related faults are the number one reason for vehicle starting problems.

The winter weather means that vehicle electrical systems have to work a lot harder with headlights and heating being used a lot more than in warmer months. It also takes a lot more power for a starter motor to turn a cold engine over. This increased demand puts a lot more strain on your cars battery.

We recommend having you car battery tested by a garage who performs the Yuasa battery test before the weather turns cold. This way you can rest assured that your battery is in the best possible shape for the winter months. This is particularly important if your battery is over three years old.

Freezing temperatures slow down the chemical process inside a battery, reducing its ability to hold its charge.  The older a battery is, the less performance it will have and the weaker it will be. An older battery that seems fine in the warm summer temperatures will often discharge or go flat very quickly as soon as the weather turns colder. In most cases this will then lead to a non-start situation… the last thing you need on a frosty morning.

Yuasa Automotive Batteries

Yuasa YBX automotive batteries are built to Original Equipment (OE) standard and deliver quality, reliability and performance. Built using the latest technology, they deliver a long service life and feature a range of enhanced safety features.

When the winter weather’s unpredictable, Yuasa batteries aren’t. Start first time, every time with Yuasa.

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Useful tips

Help prevent unnecessary strain on your battery:

– Before switching off your engine turn off any electrical loads such as lights, heaters, wipers, heated seats and sat navs. Doing this will prevent any unnecessary battery drain the next time you start up. Double check that everything is switched off before turning the ignition on the next time you use the vehicle.

– Try to avoid using heaters, heated screens, heated seats and air conditioning for longer than you need to. All of these put high demands on the battery. If left connected, in-car entertainment and navigation systems can also drain the battery

Car winter tips

– When leaving your vehicle check to make sure no interior lights have been left on, or any accessories are connected. An interior light can drain a battery very quickly if left on for a few hours.

– If you have a garage, park your vehicle in it if possible. Not only will this make your life a lot easier on cold frosty mornings, but also keep the temperature of your vehicle, and the battery, warmer than if it is left outside in the elements.

Get your battery tested, especially if it is three or more years old.