Yuasa check the battery on Matt Neal’s Halfords Yuasa Racing BTCC Honda Civic Type R

Yuasa paid a visit to Halfords Yuasa Racing’s brand new state of the art headquarters in Worcestershire to check the battery on Matt Neal’s British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) Honda Civic race car. 

A part of Yuasa’s Always Check The Battery Scheme, the three time BTCC Champion had his battery checked by Yuasa’s Training Manager Ian Newham to make sure it was in a good state of health. The simple test took less than a minute and concluded that Matt Neal’s battery was in good condition.

Team Dynamic’s new Formula One-esque facility was the ideal place to carry out the test on Matt’s 2017 BTCC Honda Civic Type R which secured wins at both Thruxton and Silverstone. The team mechanics working on the car at the time gave Yuasa exclusive access to their workshop to help them prepare the car for the winter.

Matt Neal getting his battery tested in BTCC Civic

Matt was amazed by how quick and easy the process was and said afterwards: “A battery is a consumable item, and even race cars need theirs checked!

BTCC cars are designed to withstand extreme conditions, of stress, speed and power.  Road cars aren’t subjected to quite the same extremes, but they are more dependent than ever on their electronic infrastructure, especially with the advent of start-stop technology. They also have the important job of performing to their maximum during the winter period.”

“I recommend to everyone that they go and get their battery tested, before winter sets in, by a local workshop participating in Yuasa’s Always Check The Battery Scheme. This may just identify a battery problem before it causes a breakdown situation.”

Battery failure is the number one cause of breakdowns. A battery loses 30% of its ability to supply power at 0°C, so even a brand new battery will supply 30% less power on a cold winter morning. Therefore, it is extremely important to have the battery checked on all vehicles leading up to the winter periods.

Tester in progress

With the launch of Yuasa’s Always Check The Battery programme, drivers don’t have to be a victim of an unexpected battery related breakdown this winter.  Participating workshops are now offering a free battery check when you take your car for a service or an MOT, just look for the Yuasa logo.

Visit your local workshop and ask for your Yuasa Battery Check to make sure your battery is in good shape.



Watch the full video below.

For more information about the Free Yuasa Battery Check, click here